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What are the conditions governing the access of “new” forms of production to the stage and in what contexts are they are shown? What is the situation today whereas the projects that are emerging and trying to establish themselves are increasingly hybrid and increasingly difficult to categorise?

Taking up from the Performance Meeting organised a few seasons ago in partnership with Spectacles Vivants-Centre Pompidou and the Swiss Cultural Centre, Onda wished to further develop reflection on this topic by opening it up to all contemporary forms in performing arts that stem from an interdisciplinary approach, hybridisation and emergence.


The Cahier de l’Onda published in July 2013 relates and extends the discussions initiated over the course of the season on new forms in performing arts.

Des obstacles en forme de guillemets (Obstacles in the form of quotes), by Antoine Pickels / Produire hors cadre (Producing outside of the box) by Judith Knight / Oeuvrer avec l’incertitude (Working with uncertainty) by Béatrice Josse / Malaise dans le performatif (Performance anxiety) by Christophe Wavelet / Comment reconnaître une nouvelle forme quand on en voit une ? (How do you recognise a new form when you see one?) by Isabelle Barbéris / DasArts, une école entre ouverture des possibles et limites (DasArts a school between opening potential and limitations), interview with Barbara Van Lindt / L’Émancipation d’un programmateur (Emancipation of a programmer) by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

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2012-2013 MEETINGS

This theme was developed over the course of several events during the 2012-2013 season.

Rida Ghent
13-14 February, Vooruit, Ghent
The Rida Ghent, organised in partnership with the Vooruit on 13 and 14 February, initiated reflection on the topic with artists who question the boundaries of genres and classifications. The programme featured The Artificial Nature Project by Mette Ingvartsen and The Magic of Spectacular Theater by Gérald Kurdian, a presentation of a work in progress by the Italian company Motus, ice-breaker events to meet artists including Ontroerend Goed, Miet Warlop, Mette Ingvartsen, Motus, Superamas and Gerald Kurdian, and a moment for artistic exchanges also placed under the auspices of hybridisation.

Rida Poitiers

8-9 April, TAP, Poitiers
The Rida Poitiers was organised in partnership with TAP – Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers – during the Festival à corps dedicated to the body and its representations which this year focused on performance in particular.
It is necessary to implement specific methods of presentation, communication and mediation to interest audiences in new forms? A meeting on the question of audiences chaired by Laurent Vinauger (CCNFC Belfort) convened Jérôme Lecardeur and Christophe Potet (TAP), Stéphanie Airaud (MAC / VAL), Philippe Saunier-Borrell (Pronomade (s)), and Jean-Christophe Meurisse (Les Chiens de Navarre ).
The Rida programme also included artistic exchanges, shows and meetings between artists and programmers, with Daniel Linehan, Ivo Dimchev, Zachary Oberzan, Miguel Gutierrez, Matija Ferlin, Les Chiens de Navarre and Ben Pryor in attendance.

Spring scouting trip (Utrecht)
17-19 May, Spring, Utrecht
Spring came about from the merging of two essential highlights of the Dutch theatre year, Springdance for dance and Festival a/d Werf for performance and productions in the public space. For this first “merged” edition, the festival drew on the DNA of its two predecessors with a programme called Let’s come together. The artistic directors, Bettina Masuch and Rainer Hofman, put together an international programme open to young artists who combine performance, dance, installations as well as interdisciplinary and participatory projects, in theatres or in public spaces. The trip programme includes meetings with artists as well as shows, performances and installations by Sanja Mitrovic, Martha Górnicka, Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud, Quarantine, Benjamin Vandewalle, Lawrence Malstaf, Hofmann & Lindholm, Dries Verhoeven, Ligna, Laurent Chetouane, Blitz and Candocon.

Meeting: Questioning “new” forms in performing arts
24 May, T2G, Gennevilliers
Under the title “Questioning "new" forms in performing arts”, this meeting brought together programmers, curators and artists to focus on three topics of reflection and debate. The issues addressed included aesthetics and the nomenclature of these aesthetics (transdisciplinarity, hybridisation, performance... what do we mean by new forms and wherein lies this newness?); production and training (what impact is the current economic context as well as the context in which works are produced and artists trained having on these productions?); programming and the relationship to the audience (do these forms require a particular venue or type of programming, a specific type of mediation to reach the audience?).
Chaired by Antoine Pickels (author, curator, performer), the meeting will be organised around contributions and testimonies from Tom Bonte (director of Beursschouwburg, Brussels), Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (critic for the daily Publico, Portugal) Anja Dirks (director of the Theatreformen festival, Hannover) Béatrice Josse (director of FRAC Lorraine) Judith Knight (director of Artsadmin, London); Carolina Marcilhac (director of the Actoral festival, Marseille), Pascal Rambert (director of T2G – Théâtre de Gennevilliers) Barbara Van Lindt (director of DasArts master at the Amsterdam School of Arts) Christophe Wavelet (art historian and curator) and David Weber-Krebs (artist).

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